Broadband Fiber

The Network Fiber Is In!

Hello to all our Conifer Communications Family, and Netflix fans out there!

You may have noticed that streaming and service in general over the last week has been far more enjoyable without any of that dreaded buffering! There is a good reason for that, the new fiber is in!

Fiber was officially connected on Oct. 21st, and we have been streamlining the network this last week to take advantage of the new speeds.

We have more than tripled our bandwidth with this new upgrade! Through this connection, we have the ability to increase to ten times our original throughput, which gives us room to grow within it as the network demands.

The Conifer team has been working on this new fiber since spring, and we are glad that it is finally here. Tell your friends and neighbors that Conifer Communications is running better than eve. Don’t forget, all new referrals are good for $20 towards your next monthly bill.

We look forward to sending out more good news soon.
– Conifer Communications

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