We have some exciting news… Starting this evening (Friday May 1st) at 6PM when our offices close for the day our new after hours phone support will begin! We’ve hired CCI Systems, a company based in the USA with offices in Michigan. They specialize in ‘round-the-clock phone support for smaller local internet service providers like us all over the USA. They’ll be able to help you with simple troubleshooting, billing requests, and questions about setting up new service 24 hours a day! 

All you have to do is call our regular number 866-378-8393 anytime day or night, weekends and holidays, and you’ll have someone to talk with (they even answer the phone as an off-site representative of Conifer, so those who don’t actually read this email might not even notice a big difference). No doubt there will be some learning to do as we all get to know one another, but these folks are very nice, patient, and professional so we have no doubt that they’ll be a big help to you, our beloved customers, and to us as well. If they’re unable to resolve an issue with you- they’ll be creating a ticket for us to follow back up with you during regular business hours, so one way or another you’ll get the assistance you need.

We hope this added service will make all of our lives a bit easier… Welcome to the Conifer family CCI!

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