Having connection issues?

This guide will have you sorted in no time.

1. Rebooting your Antenna:

Locate the Power Over Ethernet adapter (POE). You can find the POE by locating your router, then tracing the ethernet cable from the back of the router to the POE. If you do not have a router, the POE will be plugged directly into your computer’s ethernet port via an ethernet cable. Unplug the POE power cord for ten seconds. After ten seconds, plug the power cord back in and confirm that there is a solid light on the POE (not blinking). Wait three minutes for your antenna to reboot, then test your connection.

2. Rebooting your Router:

This step only applies if you connect to the Internet wirelessly via your laptop, smart phone, tablet, etc… Routers are small, thin devices that stand vertically or lie flat. Routers are usually black or white, with lights in front, ethernet ports in back, and sometimes external antenna. TP-LINK, Netgear, Linksys, and Belkin are common router brands. After locating your router, unplug the power cord for ten seconds, then plug it back in. Wait up to three minutes for your router to reboot, then test your connection.

3. Checking your WiFi Connection:

After completing Steps 1-2, verify on your computer or wireless device that you are connected to your WiFi network. If not, reboot your computer or device and retest.

4. One last Tip:

Check your router and POE connections carefully to confirm that they are firmly plugged into the correct ports (pictured in steps 1-2).
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